CS 61BL Summer 2016
Data Structures & Programming Methodology
Instructors: Alan Yao & Sarah Kim
Wednesday, 3-5 PM, 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building
Office Hours: 651 Soda (Alcove), Monday 4-5pm, Wednesday 5-7pm, Thursday 11am-12pm
Contact Us
Contact all staff: staff@cs61bl.org
alan (at) cs61bl.org
sarah (at) cs61bl.org
Hi all! Please come talk to me in office hours as I'd love to meet you! (Office hours TBA)
Teaching Assistants
Aidan Clark
aidan (at) cs61bl.org
Hello all! I'm a rising Senior, triple majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics and Classical Languages. I'm mainly interested in Machine Learning and NLP, but I've experimented a little in Computational Linguistics as well. I'm also a big fan of movies and politics, and love discussing random things. I'd be happy to talk with any of you about anything!
Antares Chen
antares (at) cs61bl.org
My name is Antares and I'm a second year CS, pure math student. I'm interested in CS education and theory and on my downtime I enjoy cooking and watching House of Cards. Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to bury myself in dirt and pretend I'm a carrot.
brijen (at) cs61bl.org
My name is Brijen Thananjeyan, and I am a rising third-year Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences and Engineering Mathematics & Statistics major. I currently conduct research in automation tasks of surgical robotics at the Berkeley Lab for Automation Science and Engineering. In my spare time I love to learn new skills, run, play tennis, and build cool side projects.
daniel (at) cs61bl.org
Hey everyone! I'm Daniel. I'm a triple major in CS, Linguistics and Japanese with a Korean minor. My main focus in CS is in optimization and machine learning. When I'm not teaching, I love to listen to K-pop and to dance (always a great way to start a conversation with me). I look forward to getting to know all of you this summer!
Giulio Zhou
giulio (at) cs61bl.org
Hey everyone! My name is Giulio and I'm a fourth year CS major interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing trumpet/piano and trying out all kinds of new food places. Hope you guys are all looking forward to 61B!
kevin (at) cs61bl.org
I kind of like teaching. Just a little bit.
matt (at) cs61bl.org
Hey everyone! I'm a rising third year EECS major, and if I'm not doing something computer science related, I'm probably either getting some fresh air, spending time with friends or playing video games. I'm glad to see you'll be joining us for a fun summer of data structures and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Maurice Lee
maurice (at) cs61bl.org
Hi! I'm a rising third year CS major and I am interested in a lot of things (but not necessarily good at): learning new things, web development, embedded software development, iOS/Android app development, machine learning, playing guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone. However, my secret passion lies with Chipotle burritos and old school music (Earth, Wind & Fire anybody?). Nice to meet you all :)
wanfung (at) cs61bl.org
Hi! I'm a rising third-year Math and Computer Science double major and aspiring polymath from Hong Kong. If you like discussing beautiful proofs, logic puzzles, education, geography of the world, the presidential election, Liverpool FC, or Asian politics, then I'm the guy to talk to!
alex (at) cs61bl.org
Greetings, curious one! I'm a rising third-year EECS major from SoCal. I like to introspect and reflect on the world, listen to people, read/watch/create good stories, solve puzzles, and explore new artists and songs on Spotify. Ever since I was a child, one of my biggest dreams has been to have the ability to fly (although having telekinesis or the power to teleport would suffice as well). Despite what these pictures show, you'll usually find me wearing a straw hat. Say hi to me if you see me around!
Ching Fang
ching (at) cs61bl.org
Hello, my name is Ching and I'm a second year majoring in CS and Molecular & Cell Biology. I love running, climbing, and discussing Trader Joe's. Talk to me about CS and produce!
Kaylee Burns
kaylee (at) cs61bl.org
Hey there! I’m (almost) a third year computer science and cognitive science major and this is my first time tutoring 61BL. Outside of class, you can find me dancing and dogspotting. Hope you enjoy the course!
lisa (at) cs61bl.org
Heeellllllooooo friends! I'm a third year CS and Applied Math major. I love terrible jokes, making/eating/watching-endless-videos-about food, and running. So excited to meet all of you!!