When I try to push, I get the error “failed to push some refs” #

If you see a hint that says “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch was behind its remote counterpart”, then read this section of the Git WTFS.

On Gradescope, I’m missing required files #

First, make sure that you’ve pushed your code! You can check this by viewing your repository on GitHub.

Secondly, the expected file structure is

├── magic_word.txt
├── src
│   └── Arithmetic.java
└── tests
    └── ArithmeticTest.java

Note that the files are inside the lab01 directory. If the files aren’t inside lab01, then the autograder won’t be able to find them.

I’m using Mac, and after I install Java, it’s not showing up in IntelliJ or in JavaVirtualMachines #

I’m using Mac, and I get “Unable to load Java Runtime Environment” #

Run brew reinstall java, and look for the command that starts sudo ln, right under “For the system wrappers to find this JDK…”. Copy-paste and run that command.

After this, your newly installed Java should appear in IntelliJ.

In IntelliJ, I get “release version 18 not supported” #

Go into File > Project Structure > Project Settings > Project, and make sure that your Language level is set to 17.