A. Submitting Your Work #

This year, we will (by default) submit all assignments directly through the Gradescope interface.

To submit an assignment (e.g., proj0), navigate to the assignment in the Gradescope UI. Then, select the submit (or resubmit) button. Use the GitHub option and select your repository and your default branch (probably main). Once you submit, you’ll see an option to view your submission history. You can use this option to reactivate old submissions. Whatever submission is active on Gradescope is the score you will receive!

In addition, make sure to add your partner. You can both submit manually through the interface from your partnership repo or one of you can add your partner after submitting.

B. Requesting Extensions #

All slip day requests will be handled through the Extensions tab in Beacon.

If you have something come up in your life that interferes with your ability to submit a specific assignment (known as an extenuating circumstance), fill out this form to request an extension. We will process all pending extension requests as quickly as we can and email you a decision. Requests are processed at least once a day on weekdays and at least once over the weekend.