Accessing Remotely

In this class, you will not need to SCP work back/forth due to using the Git version control system. Git is covered in lab 1.

Regardless, you may wish to access your instructional account remotely from a different computer. This could be useful if you have trouble with your personal computer that prevents you from running your code.

If you are a Windows user, you will need to use a shell client like Git Bash (covered in lab1setup or PuTTY to login to your class account from your own computer. This is a helpful video created by CS 61A. An alternate possibility is to use the Ubuntu shell for Windows.

If you are on an OSX or UNIX computer, you can use your Terminal to access your class account remotely.

  • To access your class account, use this ssh command
      ssh cs61bl-***

    The ** should be replaced by your login.