Each assignment will have an FAQ linked at the top. You can also access it by adding “/faq” to the end of the URL. The FAQ for Lab 27 is located here.

Introduction #

Today’s lab is to genuinely attempt last summer’s final exam. You will be graded on attempting the exam, but we suggest you work through the entirety seriously to prepare yourself for the exam.

Assignment #

Navigate to the associated assignment on Gradescope. Complete and submit the assignment by uploading your answer sheet.

Conclusion #

This class has covered a huge selection of content. Take some time to digest the full range of ideas we have discussed in our eight weeks together. Good luck for your preparation for the final exam.

Deliverables #

To receive credit for this lab:

  • Complete the Gradescope assignment

Credit #

Credits go to the amazing Summer 2021 staff for exam and solutions, with an emphasis on Sohum Hulyalkar. Special shout-out to Jedi for putting it into gradescope <3